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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elegance - Sequins Collection

Remember the Sequins and Beads collection in the first few posts? Those were shirts and now we present to you a dress. The sequins are sewn in such detail that it's undeniably beautiful, you can see that it's sewn row by row in the close up picture below. It shimmers and hence gives you a great dress attracting eyes to you. =) We hope you like it!

Status: 1 each only
*restock by request only, no additional charge

Size: UK4 - UK12
Material: Cotton
Elasticity: Stretchable
Price: RM45

Coca Cola

This rather loose fitting Coca Cola statement long sleeve shirt is somehow cool. In a way. Top it up with jeans, a cap, belt and some accessories and you're dressed to rock!

Status: 1

Size: UK4-UK10
Material: Cotton 
Price: RM20

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cost Price Offer!

Yes! YEs! YES! We are selling these wonderful dresses and tops at C.O.S.T  P.R.I.C.E.! 
Question: Why?
Answer: Because YOU are our valued customer and once in a while it doesn't hurt to rugi a bit to make you happy =)

Just in case if you're wondering whether it's pre-order, nope it isn't. They are all ready stocks and each availability is ONE. So....
Put on your seatbelt cz we're gonna start rolling in the dresses! Have Fun!

Maxi Dress (SOLD!)
Price: RM 46.00
Material: Cotton
Elastic: high
Bust:76cm-90cm (stretchable)

Mixed Color Dress  (SOLD!)
Price: RM 35.00
Material: Chiffon
Length: 75cm
Bust: 70cm-86cm

Top (SOLD!)
Price: RM 32.00
Material: Chiffon + Lycra
Shoulder: 39cm
Sleeves: 18cm
Length: 58cm
Bust: 80cm-94cm
Colour: Black

Fluff Top (SOLD!)
Price: RM 36.00
Material: Cotton
Shoulder: 38cm
Sleeves: 45cm
Length: 62cm
Bust: 90cm

Collar Dress (SOLD!)
Price: RM 40.00
Material : Cotton
Shoulder: 36cm
Sleeves: 14cm
Length: 93cm
Bust: 90cm-94cm (stretchable)

If purchase more than 2 of the above, FREE POSTAGE!!!