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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Square Beauty

detachable sling

the inside of the bag is really nice

Measurements: Length-38cm, Width-32cm
Price: RM 50

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This jumpsuit is a total show off of your lovely shoulders. Pair it up with heels and voila! You're ready to roll! =)

Size: UK6-UK14
Material: Rayon like

Light Grey

Dark Blue
Price: RM 60

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bands are Hot!

Everyone has been going goo goo gaga over Blair hairbands and what not. And now, Mode Lane presents to you, something a lil' different from ribbon hairbands, we bring you Flowers =) and of course, together with other designs =P

No worries if you're afraid it can't fit you cz there is a STRETCHABLE band in every headband. Who said only the Hippies wear headbands??? We do too!!!

Pearl Flower
If you noticed, there's a beautiful pearl in the center =)
This is one way of wearing, or

wear it as hairband too!
1 Splurge, 2 Ways!

Formality is B(l)ack
pssst...it has little sequins as deco


We do Braids
(2 SOLD!)
(1 available)

Plain Brown
this is a simple headband, around 0.5cm wide. Very hippy!

close up on the headband
dark brown pvc, very nicely made

Modern Diva
i like this!! i took one now 2 left =P

Pink is Sexy

Featherly Hip

Price: with flower,RM 7
without flower, RM 5


Shreds are Pretty too =) (SOLD!)

Diameter of flower: 8cm
Price: RM 12
Status: 1 SOLD!

Curly Flower

Diameter of Flower: 8cm
Status: 1 each
Price: RM 12

3 stars

Price: Buy 1 RM5
Buy 2 RM 7


Dark Blue

Light Blue

Shorty shorts

Only S2 left! Hurry up and grab it!!!

1 Functional Button
2 Display Buttons
it creates some sort of a pocket when both
display buttons are buttoned =)

White SOLD!
White SOLD!
Black SOLD!

Black SOLD!

3 functional buttons
This shorts is sort of like a medium waists.
we have high and low waists, why not try the medium one too? =)

White SOLD!
White SOLD!

White SOLD!


Size: M (best fit hips/low waists 31'-33.5') SOLD OUT!
L (best fit hips/low waists 32.2.'-34.5')

Price: RM20 *steal!*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peacock Tube

PT 1

PT 2

Should i say more? =)

Size: UK4-UK12
Material: Viscose, Spandex

Price: RM 36

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let's go Kimono

Unlike the usual Kimono we always see, this Kimono dress is a lil' different from the others. Not a lot, but just a little bit. Notice the slight flare at the end of the dress? Cute isn't it? Plain and simple as it is, this pretty Kimono dress will look fabulous with or without a lil' accessorising. Why not give it a change and try this new one out? What say you? =)

Size: UK4-UK12
Material: Vicose, Spandex
Baby Blue SOLD!
Price: RM 36


Summer Floral

Still in the summer bright mood? I guess this would be the dress you would like. With adjustable straps and colourful floral designs, this dress is bound to attract attention everywhere you go. *wink* Like the design of the jumpsuit (smocked on the waist), replace the pants with a skirt and voila! Doesn't it just look good??

Summer Floral

Size: UK4-UK12
Price: RM 37

Floral Blue

Looking for something new to wear for a party?dinner? or just a girls' night out? This lovely blue dress will be what you're looking for. The dress is smocked at the waist so it'll fit nicely. The floral print is simple and elegant i'm sure it'll look beautiful on anyone. Give it a try! =)

Size: FREE SIZE (UK4-12)
Price: RM 37

Saturday, September 12, 2009

B.A.G.S - mini handbags

Hey babes!!! We're back with another batch of fancy, pretty, unique and of course affordable handbags! They are all hand-picked and each designs are of its own. The material of the bags, we're not sure what kind of cloth it is, are of good quality, guaranteed!

Rainbow Frenzy

Patches SOLD!

All the handbags will have this little dazzling accessory =)

Woof Woof
Available now!!
There's no need to be afraid of the base of your bags getting dirtied! There are studs at the base of EVERY bag.

Size: Lenght-25cm, Base-20x20.5cm
Price: RM 48