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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bands are Hot!

Everyone has been going goo goo gaga over Blair hairbands and what not. And now, Mode Lane presents to you, something a lil' different from ribbon hairbands, we bring you Flowers =) and of course, together with other designs =P

No worries if you're afraid it can't fit you cz there is a STRETCHABLE band in every headband. Who said only the Hippies wear headbands??? We do too!!!

Pearl Flower
If you noticed, there's a beautiful pearl in the center =)
This is one way of wearing, or

wear it as hairband too!
1 Splurge, 2 Ways!

Formality is B(l)ack
pssst...it has little sequins as deco


We do Braids
(2 SOLD!)
(1 available)

Plain Brown
this is a simple headband, around 0.5cm wide. Very hippy!

close up on the headband
dark brown pvc, very nicely made

Modern Diva
i like this!! i took one now 2 left =P

Pink is Sexy

Featherly Hip

Price: with flower,RM 7
without flower, RM 5


Shreds are Pretty too =) (SOLD!)

Diameter of flower: 8cm
Price: RM 12
Status: 1 SOLD!

Curly Flower

Diameter of Flower: 8cm
Status: 1 each
Price: RM 12

3 stars

Price: Buy 1 RM5
Buy 2 RM 7


Dark Blue

Light Blue

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  1. head bands u masih ada tak? yang pink tu n yang atas pink