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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cardi with Hoody

Oh yes we've brought in cardigans for all of you ladies! =) The one thing that is light, and foldable to be put in your handbag to be brought to any place! Be sure not to miss this fabulous deal!
All these cardigans are with hoods! The non-hoods are up next in our next update.

Cardi 15
Status: 1 SOLD!

Cardi 14
Status: 1

Cardi 9
(1 SOLD)
( 1 available)

Cardi 8
Status : 1

Cardi 7
Status: Last Piece

(1 SOLD!)

Cardi 4
Status:1 SOLD!

Cardi 3
Slightly darker grey than cardi 2
Status: 1 (reserved)

Cardi 1
Status: 2

Material: Cotton
Size: UK4-UK8
Price: RM25

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